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Little Red Star Photography is a North East based company that provides commercial photography as well as carrying out private commissions. Hannah started the business in 2009, before that she spent 18 years working with disadvantaged people in the community. Hannah's life experience has given her excellent skills to get on with people, and be receptive and flexible to understanding and meeting their needs.

We regularly work with local businesses, these jobs can be from advertising, images for websites or photographs for e-selling.

We deliver photographic workshops to groups so that they can develop practical and social skills.

Hannah's favourite work is portraiture, particularly photographing children, she get's a lot of satisfaction in making the experience happy and fun. 

We also work with "good cause" organisations at a reduced fee. We have worked with charitable and good cause organisations to help them raise awareness as well as funds.

 We also digitally restore old photographs, preserving history for further generations.


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